Mobile Bag Stackers

Bag Stacker salient features

  1. 1. The above system can convey ‘BAGS’ from 0.65 Mtr. to 3.5 Mtr. height and above 3.5 Mtr. to 10 Mtr. (33’) height.
  2. 2. The system is mobile can be carried out from one point to other manually or by tractor.
  3. 3. The system can be used for stacking, unstacking and loading of bags in trucks too.
  4. 4. Conveying system is chain conveyor on which M.S. slats and wooden slats are fitted alternatively.
  5. 5. System can handle bags upto 600-800 bags/hour at the speed of 0.35 Mtr/sec to 0.5 Mtr/sec (21 MPM to 30 MPM).
  6. 6. The equipment is in two parts (Part-I & II) and can also be designed in one piece or lower height of about 7.5 Mtr. (25’). The approximate weight of the system is about 3 M Tonnes and the whole equipment is fitted on a M.S. channel base frame having ADV pneumatic wheels of 600 X 19 size and 3” X 10” caster wheels.
  7. 7. 75% of presently employed labour can be reduced by engaging this system.

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